Whether you are ready to begin offering health insurance or already offer health insurance to your employees, Fingercheck allows you to notify your employees about the important processes involved in the enrollment process!

Let’s break it down a little, shall we?

  • To get started, Notification Rules can always be found and set up by going into the “Setup” tab on the left hand side. Then, you click into the “HR” tab, and click into the “Notification Rules” category here.

  • Inside the Notification Rules tab is where we can set up notifications in regards to benefits for employees.

  • Currently, we have updated three new Notification Types that can be used by clicking on the drop down within that section:

  1. BOEOD - Benefits Open Enrollment Open Date

  2. BOECD - Benefits Open Enrollment Close Date

  3. BOEED - Open Enrollment Effective Date

To provide some clarity on what these mean, each of these notification types are to be used in informing employees of benefits enrollment information. Specifically, you can notify your clients once:

  • Benefits enrollment is open (with BOEOD)

  • Benefits enrollment is closing (with BOECD)

  • Benefits enrollment will take effect & become active (with BOEED)

Now, back on how to execute this.

  • When creating this Notification Rule, you will need to enter:

    • A Code

    • A Description

    • Select the Notification Type (BOEOD, BOECD, BOEED)

    • An Employee Filter (this is optional), allows you to filter to which employee gets notified

  • The second half of these settings are customizable settings, which affect how these notifications function. These settings include:

  • Notify & Remind: You can choose who to notify and/or remind through email; This would be either the admin, supervisor or employee.

  • Remind Days: You can remind your employees either a certain amount of days before OR after.

    • To remind them as soon as this is created instead, you simply need to enter the number “0”.

  • Time of Day: This option allows you to pick a time of day to send the reminder

  • Remind Others: Allows you to enter an email of someone outside the employee, supervisor, administrator role.

The other section within the Notification Rules page is the Notification Details section. Here is where the magic happens! You can customize the email that will be sent to employee(s) regarding the benefits notification that you choose!

  • The Title section is where you will write out the Subject of the email, and right below is where the body of the email will be constructed.

  • You must use the legend on the right hand side to construct this email, making sure to use the appropriate symbol that corresponds to the desired information you wish to be displayed.

Once you have constructed the email and hit save, your notification will be sent out on either the specific day you selected or immediately after (if you entered “0”). The email your employees will receive will look something like this:

And that right there is how you notify employees about enrolling for their benefits!

If you have any questions about the subjects covered in this article, feel free to reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501, or, use our in-app messaging feature, located at the bottom-right of the screen, while you're logged in to Fingercheck.

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