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How to Send Benefits Enrollment Notifications to Employees
How to Send Benefits Enrollment Notifications to Employees

Use notifications to let employees know about benefits enrollment.

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You have created employee benefit offerings and set them up for open enrollment. Next, you can send extra notifications to remind them about enrollment.

You will set up the following notification types to inform employees of benefits enrollment information:

  • Benefits enrollment is open (with BOEOD)

  • Benefits enrollment is closing (with BOECD)

  • Benefits enrollment will take effect and become active (with BOEED)

How to send benefits enrollment notifications to employees

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Click the Setup tab > HR > Notification Rules.

  3. Click Add.

  4. In the Details section, complete the fields.

    1. Enter a Code and Description for the notification.
      These make up the title for the notification for your records.

    2. Select a Notification Type (BOECD, BOEED, or BOEOD), depending on the notification you are creating.

    3. If you want to send the notification to only a subset of employees, select an option from the Employee Filter drop-down list.

      This list is fed from SETUP > Security > User Filters.

    4. Select who you want to Notify and Remind: Admin, Supervisor, and/or Employee.
      To remind them as soon as the notification is created, enter the number 0.

    5. In the Remind Days fields, enter the number of days Before or After you want to send the notification.

    6. Select the Time Of Day that you want the notification sent.

    7. In the Reminder Others field, enter email addresses of others outside of the filtered list you want to include in the notification.

  5. In the Notification Details section at the bottom of the window, write the email that you want to send regarding benefits offerings.

    1. In the Title field, enter a subject for the email.

    2. In the large field, enter the body of the message.

      When you click in the large field, you will see a legend on the left. You can use these variables to personalize each employee's email message.

      When sent, the email will look something like this:

  6. Click Save.

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