Employees: Open Shifts

Learn how to view open shifts and request an open shift from your supervisor.

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View Open Shifts

  1. To view the open shifts available, click the SCHEDULE tab.

  2. You will see your shifts and the open shifts.

Request an Open Shift

1. To take a shift, click the Open Shifts link, and click Yes in the confirmation pop-up window.

  • The request is sent to your supervisor for approval.

2. To view your requests, click the quick actions menu in the top-left corner, and select Schedule Requests.

3. You can view My Requests and Team Requests.

4. To cancel a request, click Waiting for manager approval, and click Cancel Request in the pop-up window that appears.

After you submit your request, you will receive an email confirmation of the supervisor's approval.

View a brief video to learn how to view, cancel, and request open shifts.

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