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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for All Employees
How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for All Employees

Administrators can set up an extra security measure when employees log in from an unknown device.

Written by Melissa Compagnon
Updated over a week ago

Fingercheck offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an additional security measure to safeguard user accounts. In the event of logging in from an unrecognized device, users are required to access their email and retrieve a security code to successfully complete the login process.

At the company level, administrators can choose to enable a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) requirement for all employees through the Default Settings.

Enable two-factor authentication for all employees

  1. Login to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Go to the SETUP tab > Company > Default Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the checkbox for Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Employees.

  4. Click the checkbox to enable.

  5. Click Save.

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