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The Main Dashboard: Account & Preferences
The Main Dashboard: Account & Preferences

Customize Fingercheck with user account settings, including email, password, time format, and more.

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When you first sign in to your Fingercheck account as an administrator, you will land on the main dashboard. The main dashboard is the central hub for your fingercheck experience. Let’s have a look around and get more acquainted with the main dashboard. There's a range of user account settings and preferences, allowing you to customize and optimize your experience.

Accessing user account settings and preferences

  • To access your user account settings and preferences, hover over your profile icon, or avatar, located in the top-left corner of the screen.

  • From the menu, select "Account and Preferences."

  • A pop-up opens where you can view and change your account information and password.


  • Keep your Fingercheck experience up-to-date by updating your email address.

  • Click on the "Edit", or pencil icon to modify your email address.


  • Secure your user account by regularly updating your password.

  • Click on the "Edit", or pencil icon to change your password.


  • The "Company" field in your Fingercheck user account displays the code of the company you are associated with.

  • If you need to update the company code, please contact Fingercheck support .

    • Additionally, you can find your company ID number when logged into the web platform by looking at the top left corner of the screen. It will be displayed there.

    • On the mobile app, you can find the company ID number by clicking on the three bars located in the top left corner, which will open a menu where you can find the company code.

  • The company ID number or code serves as a unique identifier for your company and helps distinguish it from others.

Time format display

  • Choose your preferred time format for displaying time within Fingercheck.

  • Select either "Civilian Time" or "Military Time."

Hours format display

  • Customize how hours are displayed in Fingercheck.

  • Select either "Hours and Decimal" or "Hours and Minutes."

Login loading screen

  • Currently, Fingercheck offers a single login loading screen option that directly leads to the dashboard.

  • No additional options are available at this time.

API key and client secret key

  • Administrators of 360 and 360 Plus plans can generate an API key to integrate Fingercheck with external applications.

  • The client secret key is automatically generated alongside the API key.

Dashboard loading screen

  • Select your preferred loading screen option between "Time Attendance" and "Human Resources."

Date format display

  • Customize the date format displayed within Fingercheck.

  • Select "MMDDYYYY," "DDMMYYYY," or "YYYYDDMM" in the "Date Format Display" option.

Time zone

  • Choose your time zone to ensure accurate time tracking and reporting.

    • Please note that this setting applies to your user experience only and does not change the default time zone for the company.

  • Select your preferred time zone

Mobile phone

  • Associate your mobile phone with Fingercheck to receive one-time passwords and notifications.

  • Click on the "Edit", or pencil icon, to add or update your mobile phone number.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

  • Enhance the security of your Fingercheck user account by enabling two-factor authentication.

  • 2FA adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a verification code, typically sent to your email address, in addition to your password.

Google account disconnect

  • If you initially logged in to Fingercheck using your Google account, you have the option to disconnect it.

  • Select the disconnect your Google account button to disconnect your Google account from your Fingercheck login.

Here's a short video demonstration:

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