How to Preview Payroll

You can view an in-depth breakdown of the entire cost of your payroll.

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If you're analytical, Fingercheck's Preview Payroll feature offers you a comprehensive breakdown of the entire cost of your payroll. You can see a list of individual expenditures allocated to exact earnings, tax withholdings, direct deposit details, deductions, and employer contributions and taxes. Every cost is broken down and listed in plain terms, allowing you to thoroughly study your payroll.

How to preview payroll

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Click the Payroll tab.

  3. Click Run Payroll.

  4. Move through the steps until you reach step 5, Payroll Preview.

    Within the window, a breakdown of your payroll is organized on a grid.

  5. For a deeper look at your payroll data, click the PDF or XLS buttons.

    The PDF option creates the payroll preview report in PDF format. The report is organized by the employee, and breaks down each pay item that contributes to payroll:

    • Earnings by hours pay rate, and gross pay

    • Payroll Tax Liabilities Withheld from Employee’s Paychecks, including federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, state, and local income taxes

    • Employer Contributions and Taxes Paid by the Employer, including the employer's share of Medicare and Social Security, FUTA and SUTA

    • Direct Deposit Details

    • Deductions

    • Net Pay

    • Check Amount

    The XLS option creates an Excel file with a basic summary, listing each employee’s total hours, gross pay, deductions, taxes, direct deposit, and net pay.

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