Fingercheck offers several security features to prevent buddy punching from occurring. Fingercheck takes extra precautions when it comes to mobile punching security. To view these security features you can log onto your Fingercheck account, go to the "Employee Tab," click onto an employee's number and then click on "Self Service" Within your "Self Service" window you will see the security options we offer which include:

  • IP Address Restriction for web browser

  • GPS Tracking for mobile

  • Capture Photo on Mobile Punch

  • Mobile Device ID

Referring to "Mobile Device ID," this functionality allows you to restrict employee mobile punching to each individual employee's own cell phone so that they cannot give their coworkers their login information to punch on their behalf. To do this, you will need to plug your employee's mobile device ID number into the Fingercheck web access window. 

(How to Retrieve Your Employee's Mobile Device ID: Ask your employee to log into the mobile app, go to "About" and tap on "Show Device ID." A pop-up message will appear, displaying your employee's mobile device ID with a "Send" option. Once your employee has sent you their mobile device ID, you can quickly retrieve it from your email box and plug it into the "Self Service" window.)

Once the feature is enabled, you will not be able to punch in or out from any other mobile device ID.
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