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How to Add Custom Fields for HR Data
How to Add Custom Fields for HR Data

Add custom fields to store more employee data.

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If you need to collect more data than the default Fingercheck configuration offers, you can create custom fields for:

  • Employee profiles

  • Onboarding forms

  • Self-service forms

  • Fillable fields for documents

How to add a custom field

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. Click the SETUP tab > HR > Custom Fields.

  3. Click Add.

  4. From the panel that appears on the right, click Select next to the type of field you want to add.
    A pop-up window appears where you can enter the field information.

  5. Complete the following fields:

    • Field Name: The name that will appear in Fingercheck backend files. Custom_ must be at the beginning of the name.

    • Field Label: The label that the user will see on the form they are viewing.

    • Field Description: The description the users will see when they hover over the information icon.

  6. Click Create.
    The Details screen appears.

  7. In the Display Index field, enter the number to signify where the field appears in the list.
    For example, if you are creating several custom fields, and you want the field to appear first on the HR > Custom Fields page of employee profiles, enter 1. Similarly, you might want the field to appear first on onboarding forms.

  8. To make the field required, select the Required checkbox.

  9. Select the following checkboxes for the modules where you want to use the field:

    • Show On Employee Profile: The fields appear under HR > Custom Fields on employee profiles.

    • Show When OnBoarding Employee: The fields appear on the onboarding forms that new employees complete.

    • Show On Employee Self Service: The fields appear on the employee self-service forms when the employee is active.

    • Show as a fillable Field for Documents: If you are attaching documents with fillable fields, the fields will appear in the list of draggable fields. For more information, see How to Organize and Share Your HR Documents for more information.

  10. Click Save.

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