Creating a manual check with Fingercheck is simple! Whether you want to pay a bonus, make a correction to a prior payment, pay an early termination payment, or cut a last-minute check, you can easily create a one-time check without having to process payroll.

In this article, you will learn:

How to create a Manual Check

  1. Start at the Payroll tab. Then click on Manual Checks to begin creating the check.

  2. On the Manual Check page, be sure to choose the correct Payroll date for the check.

  3. Next, click on +ADD to select the employee (check’s recipient) and click Continue.

How to process a Manual Check

  1. It will open up the Manual Check Editor. First, choose the check dates (period begin and end).

  2. Then, Tax Frequency (optional).

  3. Next, in the Special Check Type, choose from categories already installed (optional).

  4. BLOCK: The options are set on default, if you want to include any in the manual check then toggle on, otherwise, most standard actions that are typically applied to checks (employee deductions, taxes, etc.) will be excluded from the manual check. The default is set to print but to direct deposit the check, choose Direct Deposit here.

  5. OTHER: You can add these options to the check, otherwise, they will be excluded.

  6. Select +ADD to the check type (bonus, tips, overtime, etc.) a flat amount, or hours.

  7. In Earnings, select the Earning Code to use for this check: bonus, 1099, tips, overtime, etc.

    1. For example: if you're paying an hourly employee for time worked, enter the number of hours you'd like to pay and the rate. You can also enter a flat amount, i.e. $100.

  8. Adjust any details about the check, such as rate code, dept, job, task, or date.

  9. Now, click Calculate to see the check amount after all deductions.

    1. Fingercheck will calculate the net pay of the check - click OK to proceed.

  10. Select Save to add the check to your Manual Check List.

  11. On the Manual Checks page, you will see the check you just created listed here.

How to print and view a Manual Check

  1. Once you've clicked Save within the Payroll Dashboard, you can click on Manual Checks at any time to view and print your check.

  2. Now you will see your newly made check as a PDF ready to download and/or print.

  3. Your employee can deposit the check right away, just know that this check's taxes will be submitted when you next process payroll.

How to edit a Manual Check

Don't worry if you made an error on the check and you have already saved and/or printed the check; you can go back and edit the check.

  1. Go to the Manual Checks list and click on the right-side menu.

  2. Select Edit

  3. The Check Editor window opens and you can change the error on the check.

  4. Select Save

  5. At Manual Checks, then select Print Check and put the same check number to overwrite the previous errored check.

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