Fingercheck's Pay On-Demand offers employees the ability to control payday. No more waiting for scheduled paychecks. Now, employees can access earned wages when they want and need it most. Fingercheck will advance the funds to your employees. It won’t affect your cash flow. Pay On-Demand is a perfect alternative to high-interest loans and helps increase employee engagement and morale.

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Admin Setup for Pay On-Demand

Your Fingercheck Admin must enable the Pay On-Demand feature for your employees. Pay On-Demand (POD) doesn’t add any additional work to your payroll administers – all calculations are adjusted automatically. Your employees may request up to 50% of their earned wages for the current pay period for a Pay On-Demand. All customers are eligible to sign up after 3 months of with Fingercheck. Setting up the Pay On-Demand access for your employees is simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Start at the Pay On-Demand tab

  2. Select Apply Now

  3. Confirm YES

Once POD is activated in your account, your employees can request POD and you can approve or deny the employee’s POD request. Fingercheck will advance the funds to your employees so cash flow won't be affected. There is no monthly cost for the service. However, a $2.99 fee for each approved request will be applied once payroll is processed.

The Pay On-Demand will appear as a deduction on the employee’s upcoming normal paycheck. You have the ability to customize the POD feature such as notifying a supervisor of the request or automatically approving all requests. POD offers employees the ability to access earned wages anytime; provides peace of mind in the event of an unexpected expense.

Pay On-Demand Request Approval Set Up

Fingercheck allows you to either auto-approve all POD requests or approve on a case-by-case basis. If you choose to approve each individual request, then you will receive email notifications and in-app alerts.

Once you approve the POD request the employee will receive an email notification. The Pay On-Demand will be deposited into their Pay Card within 30 minutes or the next business day with direct deposit.

How to Access Pay On-Demand for Employees

Sometimes you just need to get paid now, whether it’s unexpected car repairs, past due bills, a family emergency, or one of life’s unexpected twists. Fingercheck’s Pay On-Demand is here to help. Fingercheck Pay On-Demand allows employees to access earned wages at any time.

Pay On-Demand is a perfect alternative to high-interest loans and predatory lending. The only requirement for Pay On-Demand is that you have already received your first paycheck and are eligible for another paycheck. You can get up to 50% of your paycheck immediately to a pay card or by the next business day for a direct deposit. The Pay On-Demand will appear as a deduction on your next paycheck.

The first time you enroll in Pay On-Demand you must request the feature access from your supervisor. To start the request and enroll in Pay On-Demand is easy.

Select Apply Now.

After your supervisor has approved your request you will receive email and in-app notifications. Now you can submit the Pay On-Demand request.

Once you Accept Terms and Conditions, you simply follow the steps to put in a request to your supervisor through Fingercheck, and once approved, you can receive your money in little as 30 minutes!

Here’s how to request a Pay On-Demand payday.

  1. Start at the Pay On-Demand tab

  2. Select Request Payout to open the New Pay On-Demand Request window

    1. Available Balance is the earned wages for the pay period.

    2. Available Amount is the maximum amount you can request. (50% of your earned wages)

  3. Select Available Amount or Other Amount

  4. Choose the bank account for the Pay On-Demand check

  5. Select Start Transfer

If you choose Pay Card then your Pay On-Demand will be delivered as fast as 30 minutes. Bank direct deposit will be available the next business day. It will appear as a deduction on your regularly scheduled paycheck. It’s that fast and easy to get paid with Pay On-Demand!

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