HR Concierge: FAQs

Here's how you can get started with HR Concierge, and a general breakdown of what you can do with it.

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Fingercheck can handle all of your payroll and human resources needs. However, we can not give you legal advice because State and Federal laws vary and are always changing what is allowed and what is not.

This is made easier by our partnership with HR Concierge, a third-party service run by HR experts who can answer these kinds of questions.

Get started with HR Concierge

HR Concierge is an add-on option. Please contact your Fingercheck sales representative to enable it, or hit Upgrade Now on the HR Concierge page to get started.

Access HR Concierge

  1. To access HR Concierge from Fingercheck, go to the HUMAN RESOURCE tab > HR Concierge.

  2. Explore the HR Concierge dashboard for the information you need.

What's available through HR Concierge?

Here is a breakdown of the dashboard:

  • Featured Content: Check out key news, compliance updates, and information vital to your business.

  • My Favorites: Links to all the pages you save are listed here so you can quickly access them.

  • Contact Experts: HR Concierge's team of certified HR professionals is ready to answer all your compliance and employee relations questions. By clicking this, you are directed to the methods of how to reach out to a professional, by phone, email, or chat.

  • To Do: Use this list to view and manage important tasks and action items for you and your organization.

  • My Cases: This shows your 10 most recent cases, including support cases.

Additionally, there are tabbed sections at the top of My Dashboard, that lead to useful tools and insightful information. Here are some highlights:

  • HR Compliance: In this section, you'll find information about the employment laws in your state.

  • Company Policies: This section helps with creating handbooks and other great documents.

  • Safety: find the latest information about OSHA and a safety library full of information

  • Training: Here you can find HR training and reference material in small, easily understandable chunks.

  • HR Tools: This section contains the latest information about Job Description Builder, Benefits Document Creator, Salary Comparison Tool, Calculators, and a

    Minimum Wage Map

  • Templates: Cataloged in this section is an array of HR-related templates for forms, sample policies, letters,and toolkits.

  • Resources: A variety of HR Q&A, videos, webinars, guides, charts, and checklists.

For any issues you may have with using their platform, please reach out to their support team instead of Fingercheck.

Here's a brief video showing you around HR Concierge:

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