HR Concierge: A Primer

Here's how you can get started with HR Concierge, and a general breakdown of what you can do in it.

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Fingercheck is your one-stop location for setting in motion all of your payroll and HR needs; however, we cannot advise on questions involving the legality of certain practices, due to the variance and ever-changing landscapes of what's allowed and what's not, based on certain laws on State and Federal levels.

For this purpose, we are partnered with HR Concierge, a third-party service that is powered by HR professionals, who are qualified to advise on those kinds of questions.

How to get started with HR Concierge

HR Concierge is not available as part of Fingercheck's base package, so contact your Fingercheck sales representative to enable it.

How to access HR Concierge

  1. To access HR Concierge from Fingercheck, go to the HUMAN RESOURCE tab > HR Concierge.

  2. Navigate through the HR Concierge dashboard for the information you need.

What's available through HR Concierge

Here is a breakdown of the functions available:

  • States I'm Following: Select states that you would like to follow. Your selections determine the content displayed inside the portal.

  • My Subscriptions: Elect to receive certain content by email.

  • My Profile: Complete your account profile to ensure you receive HR information tailored to your needs.

Additionally, there are menus at the top of the Dashboard, which lead to useful tools and insightful information. Here are some highlights:

  • Topics > Hiring: In this section, you'll find effective hiring and onboarding tools, information, training, and documents. This can help you understand your obligations and best practices for new hires to your company.

  • Laws > At A Glance: This section provides an overview of the most common/relevant employment laws for your state.

  • Learning > 2-Minute HR: Here you can find HR training and reference material in small, easily understandable chunks.

  • Tools > Minimum Wage Map: The map shows you an up-to-date state-by-state comparison of the Minimum Wage values currently in effect, which also takes into account the Federal Minimum Wage.

  • Documents: Catalogued in this section is an array of HR-related guides and material for important issues. You can browse the catalog by specific topic, or by state. 

  • HR On-Demand: HR Concierge's team of certified HR professionals are ready to answer all of your compliance and employee relations questions. By clicking this, you are directed to the methods of how to reach out to a professional, by phone, email, or chat.

For any issues you may have with using their platform, please reach out to their Support team, instead of ours.

Thank you for using Fingercheck. If you have any questions on this article's topic, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501, or use the chat option below.

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