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Employees: How to Punch In and Punch Out Online
Employees: How to Punch In and Punch Out Online

Clock in or out online in just a few easy steps.

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Before you begin, make sure that you know your Fingercheck username, password, and company code.

Clock in and out online

  1. Go to
    You can also go to and click Login at the top of the page.

  2. Enter your username, password, company code, and your user role (Employee).
    The login screen may not ask for a company code. This simply means you are the only person with that username across all of Fingercheck.

  3. Select Remember Me to save time in the future.

  4. Click Log in.

  5. Click the IN/OUT tab.

  6. Click IN or OUT in the top-right corner of the screen.

  7. To switch from one job to another, select the job you want to switch to and click Transfer.

    After you punch in, you should see a confirmation message letting you know that your punch was successful.
    โ€‹IMPORTANT! If you do not see the confirmation message, do not assume that your punch has been received. Contact your supervisor or employer to confirm.

Watch a short video showing how to clock in and out online and set up the punch screen immediately after logging in.

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