1. Go to the “Payroll” tab from the sidebar menu and click on “Special Payroll”.
  2. Enter your desired pay date under “Check Date”
  3. Enter 1 under “Run Number” if this is your only payroll for that check date.
  4. Leave the “Status” as scheduled
  5. Select the “Period Begin” and “Period End” dates you are paying for
  6. By “Schedule Date” enter the date that is two days prior to the “Check Date”
  7. You can add additional overrides by checking any of the boxes below i.e. to block tax filing.
  8. Once you are done, hit “Save”
  1. With special payroll, you will automatically be brought into Step 4, “Payroll Entry”. Since the payroll is currently empty press the + button to add employees to your payroll.
  2. Place a check in the boxes next to their name and press Add
  3. Use the Payroll Grid to fill out their hours/amounts and then press Save Changes.
  4. Press Next to continue onto Preview Payroll section to get a line by line breakdown of your employee payrolls.
  5. Complete the payroll as normal.

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