As an administrator, you can give your employees self-service privileges which will let them log onto the website and mobile app. You can then allow them to do things like request time off, clock in and out, and keep track of their attendance. You can either send your employees a link to set up their own self-service account, or manually create a login for them. Here are both methods:
METHOD #1: Here’s how to send your employees a self-service enrollment email. Once your employees receive it, they can set up their own employee self-service login, and make their username and password on their own:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Employee” tab. Use the employee selection tools to select the employees you would like to set up self-service for. Once selected, go to "Quick Actions" and click "Send Self Service Enrollment." This will send your employees an email to set up an account. 
  • Please read the pop-up message asking you to make sure the employee has an email address on-file, and that you haven't entered a username for them. Then click "OK."

 Your employees will receive the email and set up their own self-service account.
METHOD #2: You can also enable employee self-service individually.

  • Go to the "Employee" tab and click on an employee’s name.
  • From there, navigate to “Self Service” and click the edit icon to create a username and password.
  • Create a username and password, then select their role. Finish by clicking “Save.”
  • Within Self Service you can determine what capabilities your employees will have.

 Here is a breakdown of all the fields:

  • Allow Web Punch – Check to let them punch from a web browser.IP Address – Limit your employee’s punch solely to their computer by entering their computer’s specific IP address.
  • Allow Mobile Punch – Check to let your employee punch via the mobile app.Do Not Require GPS on Mobile – Check this if your employee can punch without detecting their GPS location.Take Photo on Mobile Punch – Check to require your employees to take a photo of themselves when they clock in or out using the mobile app.Mobile Device ID – Limit your employee’s punch solely to one phone by entering their Mobile Device ID.
  • Time Zone – Enter the corresponding time zone.
  • Allow SMS Text Punch – Check to let your employee punch via text message.SMS Phone Number – Enter the phone number they can punch from.
  • Allow Twitter Punch – Check to let your employee punch via Twitter.Twitter Screen Name – Enter the Twitter Screen Name they can punch on.

Then click “Save” and repeat for other employees if you wish. Otherwise, you are done!

Now you have learned how to enroll your employees and configure the capabilities you would like to make available to them.

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