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How to onboard an employee

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator or Supervisor.

  2. Click the EMPLOYEES tab.

  3. Click New Employee on the right side of the window.

    The Setup Profile Wizard opens.

  4. Select one of the following options, and click Next:

    • W2

    • Contractor/1099
      The Basic Information page appears.

  5. Complete the following fields:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Gender

    • Employee Number (To assign the next available number on your account, click Autogenerate.)

    • Clock Number (Enter this number if you are using a Fingercheck clock.)

    • Work Email (Enter an email address if you want the employee to self-onboard as described in step 8.)

    • Hourly Rate
      Required fields have an asterisk (*) next to them.

  6. (Optional) To quickly assign the employee to any departments, jobs, or tasks that you have listed for your company, open the Allocations section and complete the fields.

  7. (Optional) Complete other fields for the data you would like to collect.

  8. (Recommended) Enable employees to onboard themselves:

    • In the Onboarding section, select Enable Employee Self-Onboarding.

    • If you want to allow the employee to submit I-9 forms digitally, do not select Skip I-9 verification process for this employee.

      The employee automatically receives an invitation to enter their personal information.

      Note: To enable self-onboarding, the employee must have a valid address in the Work Email field in the Employee Info section.

  9. Click Next.
    You can select from the following options: Continue Yourself, Add Another Employee, or Return To Employee List.

  10. If you select Continue Yourself, enter the information on the remaining pages.
    You must complete the required fields with asterisks (*), but you will not be able to sign any employee documents. You will not be able to activate the employee until the employee signs the documents.

    Be sure to enter the correct address, Social Security number, and date of birth information for this employee.

Tips for finishing onboarding

  • If the employee is self-onboarding, they must complete the online forms and sign them digitally. If the employee is unsure of how to fill out the tax forms, he or she can click on the Download option next to each form. A PDF file is downloaded of the current withholding form with included instructions for completing each field.

  • The employee must complete the I-9 section. They must provide supporting documentation and a signature attesting to their eligibility. Instructions are on the form.

  • Once completed, you (the administrator) will receive a notification to review the employee’s verification. After you review and sign off on the documentation in the Setup Profile Wizard, click on Next to finish onboarding and activate the employee.

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