How to Apply for Payroll Financing

Fingercheck enables you to pay employees each week despite tight cash flow with options for instant funds for your payroll.

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Fingercheck is always striving to make payroll and HR easier. We are excited to announce that we have a new payroll funding partner, OnDeck. OnDeck is a 17-year-old national company that services small business owners with the mission of “Helping hardworking people get access to fast, trustworthy credit.”

As usual, requesting payroll funds through Fingercheck is a quick and straightforward process. Same as before, it can be accessed through the Finance or Request Financing sections of your Fingercheck payroll dashboard. Simply click, and you will be immediately directed to the OnDeck website, where you can fill out the application and receive a response in a few minutes.

OnDeck offers a variety of adaptable financing alternatives. The standard loan requirements include a minimum of one year in business, an active business checking account, $100,000 in yearly income, and a 625 FICO score. If you don't fulfill the minimum requirements, don't fret; OnDeck offers a network of lenders and a portfolio of solutions to help them best serve you. Find the best choice that suits your company's needs with the help of an OnDeck loan expert.

In this article, you will learn:

How do I apply?

Just follow the simple steps below to access OnDeck’s payroll funding options.

  1. Start on your Payroll Dashboard and select either Finance or Request Financing.

2. On the Payroll Financing page, select Apply Now.

3. That will take you to the OnDeck landing page, where most of your contact information is conveniently pre-filled for you.

4. Click on Get Started and complete the application.

5. Wait to hear back from OnDeck.

What happens after the application, and how do I manage my loan?

Once OnDeck has given its approval, you will have access to your own personal portal through Fingercheck (via Finance or Request Financing on your Payroll Dashboard) or directly from their website.

The OnDeck portal is where you will request your funds and manage your loan. It’s one central location where you can view all of the information about your loan.

Thank you for using Fingercheck. If you have any questions on this article's topic, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501 or use the chat option below.

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