There are two methods for reprinting checks:

Method #1

Until recently, you could only reprint checks by going to the "Payroll" tab and clicking "Reprint Checks." A drop-down list of your payroll cycles would appear, allowing you to reprint checks once an individual payroll cycle was selected. If you wished to reprint a manual check from a cycle, you would do so here as well. 

Method #2

Now you can also reprint checks directly from an employee's profile. All checks are contained within an employee's pay history, making it easier than ever to locate and reprint checks. 

  • Log onto Fingercheck. Navigate to the "Employee" tab and click into an employee.

  • Go to "Payroll Menu," and then "Pay History"

  • Go to "Pay History" and click on the print icon next to the desired check to reprint the check.

  • Once you do so, a PDF of the check will begin to download. You can then open the PDF and reprint the check!

You can now reprint checks in a flash using two different but equally effective options.
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