How to Run Background Checks

Running background checks through Fingercheck helps make your hiring process easy.

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If you are using the Fingercheck 360 or 360 Plus plan, and you’ve signed up to run background checks with Fingercheck, you can easily run background checks on your new hires. A small fee is charged for each check.

Because you need a candidate’s permission to run a background check, the application includes an option to give you permission.

You can also view a video on this topic.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Enable the background check service for your plan

  • Prerequisites for background checks

  • Run a background check

  • View a completed background check

  • Hire the candidate

Enable the background check service for your plan

Background checks are not automatically included in Fingercheck 360 and 360 Plus plans. If you would like to use the service, contact Payroll Operations for assistance.

Prerequisites for background checks

Before running a background check, you must have a job posted and applicants for the job.

  1. Create a job opening in Fingercheck (go to HIRING > Job Openings).

    To ensure the background check can be run, make sure to complete these fields:

    • Job Title

    • Job Status: Set to Open.

    • Hiring Lead: This person is notified when an applicant applies and when the background check results are available. The hiring lead must be a Supervisor or Administrator in Fingercheck.

    • Job Questions section at the bottom: Select SHOW and REQ for the following fields:

      • Address

      • Social Security #

      • Background Check Permission

  2. Post the job on various career websites or email the job link to the candidate from Fingercheck.

    To email the job posting:

    1. Go to HIRING > View Career Websites.

    2. Select the job.

    3. Copy the URL in the address bar, and email it to the applicant.

Run a background check

  1. Go to HIRING > Applicants.

  2. Click the hamburger icon for the applicant, and select Run Background Check.

  3. In the pop-up window that appears, select a provider, and click Continue.

  4. Select the plan you want to order, and click Order Now.

    The background check agency will bill you according to the plan you select.

    When the results of the background check are available (within 5 to 7 business days), the hiring lead receives an email notification. If the applicant has no records, you might receive feedback right away. If you are running a county or statewide search, it could take a little longer.

    In Fingercheck, the applicant’s status is automatically updated to Background Check Complete.

View a completed background check

  1. Go to HIRING > Applicants.

  2. Click the hamburger icon for the applicant, and select View Background Check.

Hire the candidate

  1. Go to HIRING > Applicants.

  2. Click the applicant’s name to open the applicant’s details page.

  3. Click Hire.

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