Fingercheck makes it easy for administrators and supervisors to approve their employees' absence requests. Here are the steps to take to respond to your employees' pending absence requests:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and click on "More" within the "Absence Requests" section of your dashboard.

  • You'll note that each day will come in as a separate absence request since absence is measured by hours. Check the requests you would like to address and click "Approve" to approve the request, "Decline" to decline the request, or "Edit" to edit the request.

  • If you click on "Edit" you can make changes to the request and then approve it by selecting "Approved" from the drop-down menu next to "Request Status" and clicking on "Save."

If approved, edited, or declined, the employee will receive email notification of the action - make sure the employee has a valid email address on file.
 In this post, we have outlined the absence request process for supervisors online. To learn about how to approve requests on the mobile, read our mobile guide. Whether you an employee, supervisor, or administrator you will find that handling absence requests within Fingercheck are a simple and user-friendly task.
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