Using the Fingercheck Time Clock Tablet App (available for download on iTunes and Google Play), employees can easily review and approve their time cards. Assuming that you've set up your Tablet Time Clock App by creating a custom role and assigning it to the username you want to log into the app, within the role rights you need to check these two boxes in order to enable the Time Card functionality (make sure to click save): 

Once you've done that, simply re-log into the tablet app for the time card option to show. Here are instructions your employees can follow to log in and review/approve their time card:

  • Input your clock number and tap on "View Time Card" in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

  • Note that at the top of the Time Card is the current date range, which you can tap to change. Within the Time Card, you have a breakdown of your "Total Hours" on the left, and "Daily Details" on the right. Tap on any day to view specific punches.

  • Within a day, you have the same breakdown of "Total Hours" on the left, and that day's punches on the right, rounding out with "Daily Totals" underneath.

  • Additionally, tapping on the date range at the top of the screen will open a date selection list you can scroll through to get to a different date range.

  • Once you're ready to approve, tap "Approve," located in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

 Depending on whether you have an employee time card signature enabled within "Divison Info" under the "Security Menu" online, you may or may not be able to sign with your finger. If the feature is not enabled, the time card will approve automatically without requiring or popping up a signature box.

Then you should receive a confirmation message that your time card was successfully approved!

Supervisors: Note that if you make edits to an employee's time card while an employee is reviewing their time card on the tablet, the employee must go back and re-enter their clock number to view the updated time card. Also, if there is no internet, the Time Card functionality will not work. If you experience difficulties or setbacks, feel free to call out support line for help.
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