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How to Add an Accountant to Your Company
How to Add an Accountant to Your Company
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Do you work with an accounting firm that needs easy access to your business documents? With only a few clicks, Fingercheck makes it simple to provide accountant access to your business for no extra charge!

What Do Accountants Get Access to?

Upon granting access, your accountant can view the following:

  • Payroll

  • Reports

  • General ledgers

  • Tax forms

How to Add an Accountant?

  1. Log in to your company with your administrator credentials

  2. In the left-hand menu, go to Setup

  3. Go to Security, then Security Users

4. Click "+Add"

5. Select to option for "Add Accountant" and click ‘Continue"

6. Search for an accountant by their name or their firm name

7. Select your accountant

8. Click "Grant access"

That’s it! Your accountant will receive an email notification with details on how to log in to their own Accountant Portal, which will be linked with your company’s information.

What If I Don't See My Accountant Listed?

If you don’t find your accountant while searching, that’s ok. You can easily refer them!

Click on “Register my accountant” and enter their name, firm, email, and phone number and that's it!

Click here for an interactive guide to adding your accountant.

Thank you for using Fingercheck. If you have any questions on this article, contact our team at 1-800-610-9501 or use the chat option below.

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