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How to Set Deductions for Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage
How to Set Deductions for Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage

Are you are required to report employer-sponsored health coverage? If so, make sure to configure Fingercheck properly.

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All companies that had 250 W-2s in the prior calendar year must have the total cost of the employer-sponsored coverage on their employee's W-2 Box 12 amounts with the code DD. Fingercheck's system handles this requirement for you!

If you are required to report employer-sponsored health coverage, this article describes how to configure your Fingercheck settings properly.

How to set deductions for employer-sponsored health coverage

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. (Optional) Create a frequency for employer-sponsored health coverage deductions.

    We recommend a monthly frequency to make it easier to calculate the contributions.

  3. Click the SETUP tab > Payroll > Deductions.

  4. Click Add.

  5. From the panel that appears, click the Add button for Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Benefits.

  6. In the confirmation pop-up windows that appear, click OK.

    The deduction code is added to Fingercheck.

  7. Apply the monthly frequency to the deduction.

    1. Close the Add Deduction panel.

    2. Click the Edit icon (pencil) for the deduction you created in the previous steps.

    3. From the Frequency drop-down list, select a frequency (see step 2 above).

    4. Click Save.

    5. To populate the deduction on the pay periods according to the frequency, click Generate.

  8. To apply the code to employee profiles, see How to Create Deduction Codes.

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