Over the course of any business's lifespan, there comes a time when you will receive notices from sources such as the IRS or other state-supported agencies (e.g., Worker's Compensation, Child Support, etc.).

It is important to know what to do with these notices, and how to properly send them through to us so that we may make the proper adjustments to your Fingercheck company.

The Submit Notice Feature

With our Submit Notice feature, it's easy to send these important notices through to the right people at Fingercheck, so they'll be addressed as quickly as possible! Here's how to get to it:

From your Dashboard (the screen you see when you first log in to Fingercheck), navigate over to the Payroll Dashboard, by clicking "Payroll" on the left-side menu.

From the Payroll Dashboard, click on the "Forms & Notices" icon, within the box for Quick Actions.

On the Forms and Notices screen, switch over to the Notices tab.

Next, click the big blue "Submit Notice" button at the upper right of the page.

From here, a new pop-up window will appear to take you through the process.

First off, you'll want to browse for the file to send to us.

If it's a paper notice you received in the mail, you can use a scanner to scan the page into a PDF, Word, or image file on your computer. If it's a notice you received via email, simply save the attachment to your computer.

Whichever way you do it, click the "Upload Document" link, then navigate to the location of the file on your computer.

Next up, you'll want to select the "Notice Type". This is what tells Fingercheck where and how to route the notice. Make sure to input the one that most accurately describes the notice you're sending.

Then, you'll want to supply the Quarter and Year the form is relevant to (if applicable).

Once that's done, click the green "Next" button at the bottom-right of the window.

On the next screen, Additional Info, you can supply extra information, such as the type of Agency that sent the notice, or a relevant Tax Code. Don't worry too much if you don't have or are unsure of the answers to these, they're both optional.

Click the green "Next" button again.

Lastly, on the Communication screen, you can supply your email address (this will be used by Fingercheck to reach out to you in regards to the notice), and a note to add if needed.

Click the blue "Submit" button to finish the process.

Now, Fingercheck will receive and process your notice, and you'll be returned to the Notices screen, where you can see if your notice has been processed. If any further correspondence is necessary, you'll receive an email at the address you supplied in the Communication step!

(Click below for a video of this process from start-to-finish)

Lastly, for technical assistance, you can contact our Support team at 1-800-610-9501, or, use our in-app messaging feature by logging into our secure site and initiating a conversation.

To learn more about our cost-effective and user-friendly cloud-based time and attendance software, check out our website at Fingercheck.com. Interested in our services? Sign up for a 30-day free trial and get started with FingerCheck today.

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