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How to Review a Candidate's Social Media Accounts
How to Review a Candidate's Social Media Accounts

In today’s hiring environment, managers want to know as much as possible about potential candidates before offering them a position.

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In addition to typical background checks, reviewing a candidate’s social media activity or profiles can shed valuable insight into whether a candidate is a good fit.

Fingercheck enables hiring managers to access a candidate’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other accounts with a simple clickable link as long as a candidate has provided their social media profile information (such as username).

How to review a candidate's social media accounts

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Hover over the HIRING tab and click Applicants.

  3. Customize the Applicant Page Display to add the Social Media module:

    1. Click the Customization icon.

    2. Drag the Social Media column heading to the heading row where you want to place the column.

      If an applicant has entered their Social Media information on their application, an icon for the corresponding Social Media site appears.

  4. To access their site or profile, click on the corresponding icon.

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