In addition to typical background checks, reviewing a candidate’s social media activity or profiles can shed valuable insight into whether or not a candidate is a good fit.

We provide hiring managers with the capability of accessing a candidate’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts, etc. with a simple clickable link. As long as a candidate has provided their social media profile information/username, we will have the ability to link to it for easy review.

  • First, go to the "Hiring" tab and click the "Applicants" menu. 

  • You will then need to customize the Applicant Page Display to add the Social Media module. To do this, click on the Customization icon.

  • Next, you will drag the Social Media Column heading onto your page and drop it into the row of columns. From there, if an Applicant has filled in their Social Media information within their application, an Icon for the corresponding Social Media site will be displayed.

To access their site or profile, simply click on the corresponding icon.

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