Employees using the mobile app can now add business expenses to be approved by supervisors, and on the supervisor dashboard, supervisors can approve, decline, and edit their employees' business expenses.

They can also create their own expenses as well as employee expenses.

From the employee making the request to the supervisor, approving it here's a peek at the new feature:

  • To make an expense request, employees should navigate to the "Expenses," tab in their sidebar menu. One tap brings them to the main Expenses screen, which displays all their expenses according to approval status (Approved, Pending, and Declined). To add a new expense, they can tap the "+" button.

  • Each field on the screen offers easy selection and employees can add all their details by tapping. An employee can document their expense by adding a receipt or any other image that represents their expense by tapping on "Receipt." They can also select expense type (which supervisors can set up online on the FingerCheck application), add a monetary amount and quantity, and add a date, comment, and department, sub-department, etc. Once the expense has been filled out, the employee can tap "Save."

  • After tapping "Save," the expense will be saved and displayed on the Expenses screen under "Pending." Their supervisor should be able to review the expense using the mobile app, and once the expense has been seen and approved, the expense will move to sit under the "Approved" status.

  • Once an expense is saved, a notification is emailed to the supervisor letting them know they have a new expense to review.

  • Within the Supervisor menu,"Approve Requests" is the action to tap to view and approve expenses as well as requests. Again, expenses are displayed according to approval status (Approved, Pending, and Declined). As you can see, at the top sits the most recent expense created, the one we've just completed.

  • Within the "Expenses" screen, supervisors can tap on an expense to view the expense in detail. Within the expense, they can also edit the request itself. To approve or decline a request, they can tap to check the checkbox alongside any expense and either tap on "Approve" or "Decline." They can also add an expense by tapping on "New."

  • Once "New" is tapped, a supervisor can tap the employee they'd like to add an expense for. Once tapped, the supervisor can enter the expense details and tap "Save" to finalize.

We are excited to bring you Expense Reporting and cannot wait for you to begin using the Fingercheck mobile app to keep track of your business expenses. Let us know about your experience by leaving a review on the Google Play Store and the iTunes store (update coming to Apple devices very soon)!

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