At Fingercheck we know the importance of having time cards that are accurately accounted for. This is why Fingercheck was built with two-level approval so that supervisors and administrators can verify that time cards are correct before running payroll.

As an extra measure, administrators can even require employees to approve their hours before finalizing timesheets. Follow these steps to enable two-level approval:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Setup” tab. From the sidebar menu on the top left of the page, click on "Division Information."

  • At the bottom of the screen you will see "Administrator Approval," and "Supervisor Approval." Check those two boxes and then click "Save."

  • Now supervisors have access to approve time cards at the end of each week just as administrators do. To approve time cards, supervisors can simply click on the "Time Card" tab and from the left sidebar menu, click on "Approve TimeCard." After pulling up the pay period they would like to review from the "Dates" drop-down menu and reviewing the hours, they can approve the time cards by checking the employee boxes and clicking on "Approve."

  • Administrators follow the same process to approve time cards by clicking on the "Time Card" tab, clicking on "Approve TimeCard," and clicking on "Approve." If the supervisor has already approved the hours when the administrator clicks on "Approve" their action will go through seamlessly.

  • However, if the supervisor has not yet approved the time cards when the administrator checks the boxes for approval, a pop-up will appear giving them the option to approve time cards as a supervisor and an administrator. Once an administrator approves the time card, a supervisor cannot go back and make any changes to the time card.

  • After checking the boxes and clicking "Continue" you will be brought back to that same window. To verify that your approval was successful, check to see whether "Admin Approved" and "Supervisor Approved" exist within your window. If not, you can open up your Customization functions (which holds many functions that are not readily seen) and drag these two into the window. You will note that these columns are all checked. In our case, these columns were already within our window but for convenience, we dragged them over from the right to the left for viewing purposes. This is the final step to successfully approving time cards as an administrator.

Two-level approval is useful in many ways, especially for business owners with multiple locations and a large staff. By surrendering certain powers to supervisors, the local leadership can review and account for the time cards of their specific employees before making the final approval themselves. Implementing a two-step process ensures that all data is properly reviewed and that those involved in the day-to-day attendance of any one particular location are able to verify their employees' timesheets accuracy.
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