If you're an employer looking to add an employee to Fingercheck360, you can do so without inviting them to self-onboard. However, if your employee is a new hire, we advise you to send them an invitation to self-onboard, as our system generates electronic new hire forms new employees must complete within two days by federal law.

This article will explain how you can add employees to Fingercheck360 on your own as an employer:

Go to the "Employee" tab and click “+New Employee."

  • The first step of the onboarding process requires you to fill out "Basic Info" for your newly hired employee. Start by entering their employee info.

  • Next, enter the details of their pay. If you'd like to enter the employee's department, job, task, etc. you can fill out the fields in "Allocation." If you would like to assign the employee to a certain time clock, you do so in "Clock Selection." Once you have entered all the required information, do not check "Enable Employee Self-Onboarding" and click "Save and Continue."

  • Step two of the process, "Personal Info," asks you to supply the employee's address and contact information, as well as social security number, date of birth, and a picture.

  • Next, you can opt to bypass "Emergency Contacts," which is not a required step, or you can fill it out anyway. Click "Save and Continue."

  • The next step is Fingercheck's equivalent of the W-4 Form and involves employee involvement to a certain extent. The employee will need to self-enter OR tell you their filing status, number of exemptions, and if they opt to withhold an additional amount, and if so, what the amount is, whether it be a percentage or a fixed amount.

  • If you had enabled employee self-service and sent the employee an invitation to self-onboard, the bottom of this step would have asked for an employee signature. The reason Fingercheck requires an employee signature is that behind the scenes, Fingercheck is going to auto-fill an electronic W-4 Form with the employee's tax information and signature, which will be accessible in the employee's documents. In order for the employee to sign, they will need to be invited to self-onboard. Once you are finished, click "Save and Continue."

  • Next, select how you will pay the employee and click "Save and Continue."

  • Once you click "Save and Activate," a pop-up message will appear letting you know that had you enabled employee self-service, your employees could have filled out the W-4 Form and I-9 Form to complete their new hire documents, as required by federal law. Knowing this, you could choose to "Keep Onboarding" and go back to invite them to provide their signatures and employee eligibility information, or "Activate" to activate your employee.

  • Fingercheck360 brings you back to your employee list, where you will note your new employee and their "A" Activation status.

 We think you'll agree that adding a new employee to Fingercheck360 is a snap!
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