Here is how you create a check type and then assign it to the check. 

  1. Go to Setup > Payroll > Check Types > Add (at the top right)

  2. Give your Check Type a Code and Description so you can tell the difference between your different check types. For instance: Code - Bonus Check || Description - Yearly Bonus Check.

  3. The Tax Frequency is how you want this check to be taxed. For example, if you give bonuses once a year you can select Yearly and the system will tax the check for yearly frequency as opposed to your normal pay frequency (if it is left blank it will use your default tax frequency). 

  4. You can then use the checkboxes at the bottom to block ALL Earnings, Deductions, Taxes, and/or Direct Deposit. 

  5. If there is a type of earning, deduction, or tax you wish to block (for example, you only want to block federal taxes) you can make a custom filter in the Check Type Code Block with the Add button. You will select what item you wish to block and then the code for that particular item. 

Once you've applied all your rules you can click Save at the bottom and your check type will be created!

Now when adding or editing any checks in our system you can apply this check type under Special Check Type and the rules you set will apply.

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