These three new functions are all contained within the employee dashboard. Share this guide with your employees to get started:

  • Sign in to the mobile app and within the dashboard, tap on the user icon. As you can see there are three new actions - Emergency Contacts, Taxes Withholding, and Compensation/Pay. Let's first explore the Emergency Contacts function.

  • To begin adding your first contact to the currently blank screen, tap "Emergency Contacts" and then the "+" button. Make your way down the fields to enter the necessary contact information. Tap Save and then you will be brought back to the main screen where your newly added contact will be visible!

  • If you go back to the initial action menu, you can see that there is now a "Taxes Withholding" function. Tap on it, and you can edit your tax withholding filing status and exemptions at any time! You also have the option of withholding more of your net pay for a specific withholding. Once you've finished, the app will prompt you to sign a digital signature to complete the changes, and a brand new W-4 form will be created and stored digitally for you within FingerCheck360.

  • If you decide to switch accounts you are being paid to, you can tap "Compensation/Pay" to edit your direct deposit information. If you delete all of your accounts or puts 0% on the account(s), by default, payments will be made in the form of a check.

 We know you will love updating your own financial payments and tax withholding information using the FingerCheck mobile app!
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