One largely unknown feature within Fingercheck is the ability to view a comprehensive breakdown of the totals for all your job cost center levels, like accumulated hours, departments, jobs, task type, etc.

You can easily track your company's time according to your cost center levels using our "Control Totals" feature within the Time Card. Here's how to do it and how it works:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Time Card” tab. From the Time Card menu, select “Control Totals.”

  • Right away, you get a summary of your entire company broken down by totals for each day, like "Accumulated Hours," "Department, and "Job." As you can see, looking at the first total by day, you can see how much work time this company has, the hours paid for work time, break time, etc. Then you can see the total hours and regular hours, the hours logged by the department, and hours logged by the job. For custom reporting, you can click on the clickable total at the bottom of the screen.

  • A whole new grid will appear called a "Paid Hours List." By default, this grid only shows regular hours. To show all hours, click "Clear" on the top left. This grid allows you to filter and sort information easily by picking a column header and dragging it to the top to group by that column.

  • For instance, if you want to filter by the employee, all you have to do is drag "Employee" to the top. This automatically sorts your data by an employee.

  • Within that grid, you can click on the plus sign next to any employee to view their hours in greater detail.

  • You can also drag additional column headers to the top to filter more data in the order you want. For instance, you can drag "Department" after "Employees" and have the data filtered that way (again, clicking on the plus sign will give you more in-depth information)

  • Or, you can drag "Department" before "Employees" and have the data categorized by department first.

Using "Control Totals," you can quickly and easily view your company's totals, filtered the way you want, without needing to run a report! You can even print your data by clicking on the PDF and Excel icons on the top left corner.
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