If you've been going to the Time Card and manually clicking through to get to the correct pay cycle, you can create a scheduled task that triggers at the close of each payroll period.

This automatically updates your timesheets so that they open on the current pay period. Here's how to do so:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Setup” tab. From the drop-down menu on the top left of the page, select “Payroll Menu.”

  • From the Payroll Menu, click "Pay Periods" and then find your most current pay period. Take note of when the pay period begins, when the pay period ends, and what the check date is.

  • Using the drop-down menu, select "System Menu" and go to "Scheduled Tasks." Click on the blue "Add" button to add a task.

  • The "Code" and "Description" can be whatever you like. To make it easy, we entered 100, and then Auto Close Payroll. By the "Last Execution Time" select the date you plan on executing the task for the first time. If you plan on testing your scheduled task after creating it, enter today's date (you'll click on "Execute" once your task is finalized and go to the Time Card to check that the most current pay period is now displayed). By "Next Execution Time," enter the next time the task should execute. By "Run Task As User," run the task by selecting an administrator. While these two execution times tell the task when to execute, after the next execution time the payroll will auto-close according to the information you set within "Task Actions" and "Task Triggers." Click on the gray "Add" directly below to begin entering your Task Action instructions.

  • Fill out the window field by field, starting with selecting "AUCP - Automatic Close Payroll" from the drop-down menu by "Job Action." You can leave the "Sequence" untouched. What you enter by "DaysFromCheckDate" tells the system when to lock payroll and move on to the next pay period. Consider your check date and when the actual pay period ends.

  • After hitting Apply, next, click on the "Add" button directly below to begin entering your task trigger instructions.

  • Fill out the window, starting by entering today's date by "Start Date" and a date way into the future by "End Date" so the task triggers on its own for years to come. For "Time," contemplate what hour of the day or night you want the task to trigger. The most ideal time would be after all your employees have clocked out. We simply entered midnight, assuming all our employees work a standard 9-5 schedule. The "Trigger Type" allows you to set how often the task should trigger. Your options are Minutely, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. If you have a weekly payroll cycle, weekly would be best (simply tick the day you want the task to trigger, which should match up with the date you settled on for DaysFromCheckDate). If you have a daily payroll cycle, you can select Daily and select the days you want it to run. If you have a biweekly payroll, select Biweekly and check the day that coincides with the date 13 or 14 days from now.

Once you finish entering your information for Task Trigger, simply click "Save" and your auto-close payroll should be all set up.
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