Top smartphone manufacturers are increasingly producing high-tech smartphones with fingerprint scanners, Apple being one of them.

If you have an iPhone 5s or later, you can unlock the mobile app with just a press of your finger!

Here’s how to log into the Fingercheck mobile app using the fingerprint identity sensor built into your smartphone:

  • First, enroll your fingerprint and get yourself set up. You can visit Apple's online Support Center to read how. Once you have enrolled your fingerprint, open the Fingercheck Mobile app, and enter your "User Name" and "Company #." Then, by "Use Touch ID" slide the toggle button to the right to enable Touch ID. Tap "Log In as Employee" or "Log In as Supervisor." Once you do this, the Touch ID prompt will appear, requesting you to touch the Touch ID sensor.

  • Press your finger on the Touch ID button and the app will start to load.

  • Once the app finishes loading, you will be logged into the mobile app! You'll be brought to your user dashboard, where you can access all our functions. The mobile app is yours to use.

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