As a supervisor, you're the go-to person when an employee forgets to enter a punch. Luckily, entering a punch for an employee is easy using the Fingercheck mobile app. If you're mass punching for a whole crew of people, you can easily cover your whole team using our crew functionality. Here are two ways you can enter a punch for an employee on the mobile app:

  • ‚ÄčLog in to the mobile app as a supervisor. Swipe from the left or tap on the menu icon to pull out the sidebar menu. Once the menu is open, tap on "Daily Details." Tap the name of the employee you would like to enter a punch for. You will be brought to their Total Paid Hours for the Pay Period. Tap the "+" sign to add a punch.

  • Now you can enter information for the punch. Tap on the time and a selection list will appear, allowing you to scroll to choose a date and time. Once you select a date and time, you can add additional information if you've set up any cost center levels by tapping to make a selection. Once you are finished, tap "Save."

  • Now you will see the freshly added punch within the employee's "Daily Details." If you'd like, you can make more punches, making sure to save each. Once you're finished, tap "Submit" to submit them all.

  • The second method is to go into "Review Timesheets." You can edit the date range within "Time Card Review" by tapping to move the pay period forward or back. Select the employee you'd like to enter a punch for and tap on the day you want to enter a punch for.

  • Now you can add a punch using the same process detailed above! You'll be able to see the new punch after clicking "Save." Again, you can continue making as many punches as you need, making sure to save each. Once you're finished, just tap "Submit" to submit all the punches.

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