Here are a couple of reasons why their punch may not be coming in:

  • Your clock may not be receiving an active connection. The simplest way to check whether your clock is online is to look at the display on the device, on which a green “I” should be visible on the top right corner of the screen. If your clock is not connected to Fingercheck, there could be a variety of issues why. For instance, you may have a wire or cable lose, or your network could be down. Follow these troubleshooting steps to re-connect your clock.

  • If you've changed their clock number, that could be another reason why their punch isn't coming in. The good news is, there's a fast fix! Simply re-assign the employee their original clock number to get their punches. If you would like to permanently change their clock number, make sure to resend your employee to the clock after changing their clock number.

  • Did your employee really punch? Your answer might be "obviously," but after receiving many calls, the question is an important one to ask. Ask your employee to walk you through how they punched to make sure they followed the procedure. Then you can move forward confident that the employee did, in fact, punch.

If you find yourself experiencing difficulty in trying to get your punches to show up, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for help! In addition, to live chat and phoning in, you can also email us at
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