Fingercheck can easily export payroll to a wide range of providers. In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to export payroll to Execupay, but other companies also use this same export, such as CHS Payroll.

Here are the steps to take to set up your Execupay export:

  • To begin setting up your payroll exports, log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Setup” tab. From the drop-down menu on the top left of the page, select “Payroll Menu.”

  • Select "Payroll Exports" from the left sidebar and then click on the blue "Add" button.

Fill in the Payroll Export window box as follows:

  • Code: Fill in a brief title to label your export.

  • Description: Fill in a fuller description of the export.

  • Company Name: Company name - not required.

  • Batch ID: Required and should be the same company number as shown in Execupay2.

  • Export Type: Select Execupay2 as your export type from the drop down menu.

Keep in mind that in order for the integration to be successful, there are certain requirements that need to be met. The short descriptions of your earning codes must be as follows:

  • 0 for regular

  • 1 for overtime

  • For all other code, labels make sure they are identical to those in CHS

  • Once you've set up your export, click "Save." After you save your export, you should see it in your Payroll Exports window. Now that your payroll export is complete, start the export process by clicking on the "Payroll" tab.

  • From the left sidebar select "Payroll Export." Choose the Export Type as "Execupay 2." Then click "Export."

Now you are done! Now that you have successfully set up your export, you can routinely follow this procedure to export, download, and import your Fingercheck information into CHS or Execupay.
If you use QuickBooks Online, Paychex Preview, BDB, and BDB Paystream, and ADP, we also have articles on how to export to those payroll providers.

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