In order for an administrator/employee to log onto the mobile app as a supervisor, for instance, they would need to be assigned a supervisor role within their user profile.

Roles can also be customized to limit access to certain information, which you can read about in our article on creating custom roles.
If you'd like to assign a user a new role, here is a step-by-step guide walking you through the process:

  • Log into Fingercheck and go to the "Setup" tab. From the left sidebar menu, click on "Security Menu."

  • From the Security menu, click on "Security Users" and click on the user you want to have supervisor access to the mobile app.

  • Within their user profile, click on "Add" next to User Roles.

  • Within the User Role pop-up window, select their "Division" and from "Role," select the role you want to grant (Typically, this will be Supervisor - (System), or a custom role). Then click "Apply."

  • When you are returned to the user profile, click "Save" to finish.

That's all there is to it! Keep in mind our pricing policy, which does charge for additional users according to user type.

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