Fingercheck is integrating with Gusto to offer users an enhanced time tracking and payroll experience by syncing delightful payroll with effortless time tracking in just a few clicks.

Connecting one platform to the other is a virtually seamless process and successfully exporting timesheets once the integration is in place takes mere seconds.

Our Gusto guides make the process pretty self-explanatory, but here are a few questions we've gotten along the way:

  • Q: How do I link my Gusto account with Fingercheck?
     A: Setting up an integration between the two is easy - just read our step-by-step guide.

  • Q: I’m almost at the end of the integration process with Gusto. I clicked “Authorize” but nothing is happening. What should I be seeing?
     A: A page should pop up either asking you to authorize the integration if you are already logged into your Gusto account, or to log in if you haven't, and then authorize it. Check your pop-up blocker's setting as they may be blocking this pop-up from occurring.

  • Q: When I export my timesheets it says "Earning code not found in ZenPayroll." What should I do?
     A: We have not yet changed ZenPayroll's name to Gusto in our software (sorry!) Aside from that, all this message means is that you need to change the short descriptions of your earning so they match the earning codes Gusto can process. Click here to view how to edit your earning codes so that they match Gusto's specifications.

  • Q: What if I made a mistake in the hours that I export to Gusto? Will I be able to edit them after exporting?
     A: Once you have the correct hours, you can export them again to Gusto which will effectively override your previous export.

  • Q: Can I integrate employee information with Gusto?
     A: We are hoping to include that in the future but do not yet have the functionality. If you have an Excel spreadsheet you can easily import employees into Gusto.

  • Q: Can I link multiple Gusto accounts with my Fingercheck account?
     A: Yes, and you can create as many export types as you want.

  • Q: Can I track the time of my salaried employees without their timesheets being exported to Gusto the way my hourly employees are?
     A: Absolutely. You can continue tracking their hours worked without a hitch and can export only your hourly employees by filtering by pay type and selecting hourly. If you forget to do this, it's okay - Fingercheck will catch the mistake and generate an error telling you that it can’t export those employees to Gusto.

  • Q: Can I export hours for a closed pay period within Gusto?
     A: Fingercheck will generate an error telling you that the payroll has been closed. If you’d like to re-run it you have to cancel the payroll within Gusto and re-export it.

  • Q: Can I export my PTO into Gusto?
     A: That feature is not available at this time but we are hoping this will be possible in the future.
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