What is Gusto?
Gusto is a modern cloud-based payroll solution that does away with the overly complex nature of traditional payroll and replaces it with an advanced solution that connects employers to their employees in a refreshingly simple way.

As a new kind of payroll solution designed to overhaul the stressful and technical payroll experience, Gusto electronically integrates compliance and employee payment into one comprehensive system that takes care of the hard work behind the scenes.
How does data integration work between Fingercheck and Gusto?
Exporting your timesheets from Fingercheck to Gusto couldn't be easier. All you have to do is set up and authorize an integration between the two. Once the connection is made, you will be able to click "export payroll" to Gusto and have your data sent instantaneously. Here’s how:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to “Setup.” From the drop-down menu on the left, select “Payroll Menu."

  • Click on “Payroll Exports,” then click on "Add" to set up a new payroll integration.

  • Next, create a "Code" and "Description" for your new integration and be sure to select ZenPayroll as the "Export Type" from the drop-down menu (we haven't yet changed the software to display Zenpayroll's new name, Gusto). Then click "Authorize."

  • You should instantly be brought to a page which will either ask you to log in or to authorize access to your account. Click "Authorize."

 * Tip: If you are not brought to this page, check your pop-up blocker settings.

  • You should get the following message confirming your successful integration:

Now you are all done! Your integration should appear in your "Payroll Exports" window.

Click here to learn how to export your timesheets to Gusto.

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