• Start by navigating to the "Employee" Tab and click on the blue "Add" button to add your existing employees to Fingercheck360. In the future, you will also use this button when you make new hires.

  • Once you hit "Add" you will be brought to the New Employee Onboarding Module. This landing page is what will appear, with the BASIC INFO section appearing first. As the employer, you only need to fill out the BASIC INFO.

  • The fields are self-explanatory, but we have captured the first sub-section, Employee Info, to give you a feel for the kind of information you'll be entering.

  • Once you've reached the end, you can enable "Employee Self-Onboarding," which invites your employee via email to enter the rest of their information. If you'd like to have the I-9 form and W-4 form digitally generated and saved to your employee's account, you will need to enable employee self-onboarding. If you proceed on your own and do not enable employee self-onboarding, you can add your employee to Fingercheck, but will not generate new hire documents like the I-9 form and W-4 form (both require an employee signature).
     Also, you have the option of inviting your employees to self-onboard without filling out an I-9 form. Click "Save and Continue" to move on to the next step.

  • If you choose to invite your employee, you will receive this notification, confirming your action, and allowing you to continue yourself anyway, add another employee, or return to your employee list. Your employee will receive an email asking them to create an account. Following their registration, they will be able to finish entering their information.

  • As you can see, now the employee has been invited and a new step has appeared. The immediate next steps are PERSONAL INFO and EMERGENCY CONTACTS, which are fairly self-explanatory. Next, the TAX WITHHOLDING section serves as the W-4 form used to withhold the proper amount of federal income tax from employee paychecks. If you want to generate a W-4, you need to enable employee self-onboarding. Employees can view instructions on what to enter the fields by looking at the 2015 W-4 form.

As you can see, the employee self-onboarding presents a signature box at the bottom. 

  • Regardless of who is filling out PAYMENT DETAILS, the employee/employer must establish a form of payment, either Direct Deposit or Check.

  • If Direct Deposit is chosen, bank account information must be entered.

  • The "I-9 Verification Process" is the last step to fill out on the employee end. They will need to supply a signature attesting their eligibility.

  • They will then need to select a number of documents to upload to support their eligibility verification.

  • Once finished, you (the admin) will be asked to review the employee's verification. Review, sign, and then click "Save and Activate" to officially finish the onboarding.

Once the onboarding process has been completed, you will receive confirmation that your employee has been added to Fingercheck360 and is ready for payroll. If that employee is a new hire, they will have completed all the paperwork necessary to begin working for your company.

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