You can enter holiday time for employees using a variety of methods which we summarize in our article on Entering Holiday Time. If you don't already have a holiday policy in place, mass entry is the quickest way to enter holiday hours for your entire staff. Read on to learn how:

Entering Holiday Hours Using Mass Entry

  • To perform a “Mass Entry” click on the "Time Card" Tab, then select "Mass Entry" from the sidebar menu.

  • Next, fill in your required details as shown. You have a variety of ways of choosing what "Type" to enter for your mass entry. You can select "Hours" to add the number of hours authorized for the holiday, and for vacation time you can either choose "Absence" or "Hours." If you would like the system to pull the hours from their assigned schedules instead of entering a number yourself, you can select "Absence as Per Schedule" or "Hours as Per Schedule." Next, enter the "Earning Code" and "Earning Type" that you have set up to accommodate Holiday pay. Then, select your date or range of dates for the Holiday.

  • Next, fill in your required details as shown. The final consideration is to select the employees who you are adding the Holiday hours for. This is done utilizing the "Filter Details" section of the Mass Entry screen. Click on "Select All" to automatically check each employee, or select employees individually by clicking the radio button by each name. When you are finished, click on "Save" to complete the entry.

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