As we highlighted in our article on Adding Holiday Time for Employees, you have a variety of methods at your disposal for how you wish to enter hours for your employees.

This method is best for adding time to individual employees' timesheets. If you would like to enter hours for more than one employee, mass entry would be a much more efficient option for you. Read on to learn how to edit employee timesheets to add in holiday time:

Entering Holiday Hours from an Employee Time Sheet

  • First, select the "Time Card" tab, then select the employee who is going to have holiday hours added to their sheet using the employee drop-down menu.

  • After choosing our employee, you can see that she has no punches for May 25th, Memorial Day. Since Memorial Day is a paid holiday, we can add the holiday hours to her timesheet by clicking on "Enter Hours."

  • In the Enter Hours popup dialog box, we will enter the necessary information to assign the holiday hours to our employee's timesheet. The necessary criteria include the "Date Worked," "Type," and "Division Earning." To create a special division earning for holidays, visit our article on how to set up division earning codes. Finally, we will input the "Hours" we want to enter for this employee. Once that is done, we will click "Save" to finalize the changes.

  • Now the entry will be updated on our employee's timesheet like so:

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