If your employees have a login, they can request time off through the mobile app or  PC. Here's how to set up an absence policy they'll be able to select from when requesting time off: 

Setup > Policies Sub Menu > Absence Policies > Click Add > Enter Code > Enter Description > Check Paid or leave Blank > if Paid, select the Earning Code that applies (Overtime, Sick, Holiday, etc.) > If you have an accrual policy set up, you may select it in the "Accrual Policy" drop-down list > By “Default Hours” enter the standard amount of hours typical to a full day of work at your company > Save 

You can make as many absences policies as you want. The more you create (i.e. holiday, overtime, regular, sick, vacation, etc.) the more request types your employees will have to select from. If you'd like to set up a more sophisticated policy that provides your employees with a bank of PTO hours and specific rules that apply to how those hours are accrued, an accrual policy is needed. However, you do not need an accrual policy if you simply want your employees to be able to request time off.

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