This article demonstrates our new and improved Advanced Scheduling feature, designed to save time by giving employees the flexibility to take open shifts, request covers, or ask team members to trade shifts from the palm of their hands. It shows both the admin/supervisor's view and the employee's view and functionality.

In this article, you will learn about:

Presenting a New Calendar for the Employee Schedule

One of the many new enhancements to the scheduling feature on Fingercheck is the new look to the Employee’s Schedule view, which can be changed by selecting the “Try the new calendar” button within the Schedule Tab.

This view allows the Employee to:

  • Add their Availability for employers to see

  • See any Open Shifts that have been published and available to take

  • See any Trade or Cover requests that have been sent or received

  • See any Assigned Shifts that have been assigned to the employee

To gain a better understanding of the new features within Advanced Scheduling and how they function, this article is separated into sections that show you the features and how to use them.

How Employees Can Add Availability

With the new enhancements for scheduling, employees can now add Availability as part of the selection criteria for all scheduling considerations including Open Shift, Trade, and Cover requests.

As an employee, you can adjust your availability by navigating into your Schedule tab and selecting the new calendar view. Once this has been refreshed, select the icon with the three lines. This will open a drop-down list where you can select: Availability.

Upon selecting Availability, a window will prompt you to select “Set Availability” to begin the process of doing just that.

You will be introduced to a window that allows you to set your availability for each day of the week. Simply click on “Add” for the specific day of the week you wish to adjust availabilities for.

For each day that you add availability, you can set:

  • Whether you are Available or Unavailable

  • Preferred: A toggle to signal to the supervisor or other employees that this shift is preferred over other set shifts

  • All-day: A toggle to signal you will be unavailable for the whole day (24 hours)

  • Start/End Time: Employees can specify timeframes, but the default is 9 AM - 5 PM

  • Location (optional): Employees can enter an address and indicate the distance they are willing to travel for a job

Once Availability has been established, it will be presented to you with each day marked based on the selections made. You can also clone your availability for the days you choose.

In this view, you’ll be able to copy any of the set availabilities to other days of the week. This can be executed by hitting the “overlaying square” icon on the right-hand side of the preferred day. Upon doing so, a window will appear prompting you to select which days of the week you wish to copy this availability.

How to View Open Shifts & Use the Request Feature

Open Shifts are an integral part of our new Advanced Scheduling feature. With a view of what is available to the relevant team members, managers or supervisors can now communicate with employees based on shift availability, allowing for autonomous management of one’s own schedule!

Whenever employees want to request a day that is available as an Open Shift, they can do so through the left-hand side of the new calendar view, clicking on the three-line box and selecting Requests.

A number will appear next to the Requests label, signifying the number of requests that have been sent or received. These are your request notifications.

The Requests section will allow you to view both “My Requests” & “Team Requests”,

You can view the open shifts you’ve sent or received by clicking on the shift request itself or opening a window that allows you to view the details of this open shift request. The shifts requested on the employees' end are sent to the manager/supervisor for approval, appearing as an Open Shift notification.

How to Swap Shifts: Covers and Trades

This feature also allows for a new enhancement in productivity: Swapping Shifts between employees. In the schedule that displays all available and scheduled shifts, employees can click on one of their shifts or another employee and begin the process of requesting a trade or coverage of the shift.


In order to request covers within the advanced schedule enhanced feature, you simply can navigate to an already established shift and select “Request Cover”. This will allow you to select the employee you wish to request coverage from and an option to leave a message.

If you receive a request for coverage, you will simply need to follow the same steps to view your requests. Once you are in the Requests section, you can head over to the Team Requests sub-section and into the Cover tab. Here, you will see any cover requests from your team.

Click on the request and you can either deny or accept. If accepted, this request will then be submitted to the manager or supervisor’s request inbox for approval.


The option to trade shifts is also possible with the new advanced scheduling enhancement! Just like you would with coverage, you can also navigate to an already established shift and select the “Request Trading” option.

If you receive a trade request, you will also need to follow the same steps to view your requests. In the Requests section, you can enter the Team Requests sub-section and the Trades tab. Here, you will see any trade requests from your team that have been sent your way.

Once you click the trade request, you will see an option to either deny or accept. If accepted, this request will then be submitted to the manager or supervisor’s request inbox for approval.

As always, we aim to enhance your experience here at Fingercheck with not only new enhancements but with guides to provide you with the direction and support needed to navigate the system with ease.

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