With our newly revamped schedule tab, we have introduced a whole new world of possibilities, alongside a more user-friendly interface!

To start off, you'll want to navigate into the Schedule tab, which will be on the left hand side of your web portal.

Once there, you will be brought into our newly revamped schedule tab, which is broken down by its main functions, below:

(a brief) Overview of the Schedule tab

  • The "Three Blue Lines" on the Left Hand Side: Clicking on this button will bring a drop-down of functions:

    • Generate Shifts: Add shifts based on a date range all at once.

    • Copy Shifts: Copy the same shifts over onto specific days within a calendar-view.

    • Subscribe to Calendar: A link is provided to sync shifts and schedules with calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple/iOS Calendar, Outlook etc.

    • Export Schedule: Export current schedule displayed into a CSV, PDF, or Excel file.

  • Add Shift: Add individual shifts

  • Requests: View requests made by employees for: Open-Shifts, Trades & Coverage requests

  • Publish Shifts: Make the shifts public to all active employees.

Let's begin with adding a shift, shall we?

How to Add a Shift:

  1. You'll first want to hit the "Add Shift" button on the left corner, which will bring up the window below

In this window, there are several features that can be used to create this shift:

  • Employees: You can select which employees to assign to this shift within this function, while also selecting "Open Shifts" to allow this shift to be viewed and available to everyone.

  • Date: Select the date for this specific shift

  • Start & End: Select the start and end times (the duration) of the shift

  • Schedule Policy: An optional way of including any settings within the schedule policy for the specific shift

Apart from these basic settings, you can also assign this shift to a specific department, job or task!

  • You can finally, select whether this shift will be part of any pre-existing "Strict In" or "Strict Out" Schedule, and the color of this shift is also customizable for organizational purposes.

Once these settings have been finalized, you have two options:

  • Save & Publish: This will make this shift live for anyone to see

  • Save & Close: This will save this shift and only be visible to you (the admin)

This is how a shift is created and added onto the schedule tab. Please note, this is only for an individual shift. Once this shift is created, it will show up on the schedule tab as shown below, and can be copied onto other days to replicate it:

A Brief Overview of How a Shift is Copied and Pasted:

How to Generate Shifts:

Generating shifts allows you to generate multiple shifts at once, with the same settings features as you would see when adding an individual shift.

To further break down how we can generate shifts, lets start at the beginning:

  1. When you first enter the schedule tab, you will see a blue box with three lines. Select this to bring down a drop-down of options, including one that reads "Generate Shifts". You will select this to begin the process.

  2. Upon selecting "Generate Shifts", you will be presented with the option of either creating the shifts for the range selected based on the Default settings in place.

  3. You can also choose to "Override Defaults" and set your own settings, just like you would do when adding an individual shift!

  4. You'll also see that at the bottom of this window, there is an option to select which employees get assigned this shift.

  5. Upon clicking this, you can even select who gets assigned these shifts that will be generated!

  6. After everything is said and done, you will simply select "Generate" and these shifts will populate into the schedule tab, upon your confirmation. It should look a little like this:

The final visual will look like the image above, with shifts populated into the schedule tab for the employees that were selected. You can select the "Publish Shifts" button to make this shifts public to your employees and take effect immediately!

How Published Shifts Appear to Employees:

We wanted to make sure you understood the ins and outs of these new enhancements, so we have provided a quick breakdown of how these changes to published shifts are then reflected on the employee's end.

  • The shifts that are published as "Open Shifts" appear to employees through the mobile as follows:

If you have any further questions on this subject, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501, or, use our in-app messaging feature by logging into our secure site and initiating a conversation.

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