There are three standard user levels within Fingercheck - Employees, Supervisors, and Administrators. By default, each user role has a set list of system role rights. These rights can be edited by the administrator in order to reduce role rights for certain users, or expanded with additional role rights that allow the user greater access within the software. In this way, administrators are able to make custom roles. Here are the default system role rights assigned to each user:


  • View Time Card (read-only access)
  • View Employee PTO balance and Create Absence Requests/General Requests
  • View Company Directory (which can be enabled by following the instructions listed here)
  • View Celebrations
  • View and Create Employee Expense Requests
  • Mobile App Features: Time Off, Schedule, Time Card, Edit Tax Withholding (Payroll employees), Edit Direct Deposit (Payroll employees) | Sign employees up for the mobile app
  • View and Edit Their Self Service Contact Info
  • View Employee Self Service Reports
  • View Self Service Payroll Module
  • View Self Service Schedule Module
  • View Self Service Time Card Module


 Mobile Features:

  • Mobile Punch
  • Mobile Day Details View
  • Mobile Time Card Edit
  • Mobile Time Card Review
  • Mobile Time Card Approve
  • Mobile Time Off
  • Mobile Time Card
  • View Mobile Schedule
  • Edit Mobile Schedule
  • Mobile Edit Tax Withholding (Payroll)
  • Mobile Edit Direct Deposit (Payroll)

 All of the above in addition to:

  • View Employee List
  • Add Employee List
  • Add Employee
  • View Setup Module
  • View Employee Module
  • View Schedule Module
  • View Payroll Module
  • View Payroll Reports
  • View Audit Trail Reports
  • View Employee Reports
  • View Policies Reports
  • View Security Filters
  • View Security Users
  • View Clock Management
  • View Billing Details (Monthly Invoices, Update Payment Information)
  • View Attachments
  • Edit an Employee
  • Delete an Employee
  • Import Employees
  • Use the Quick Action on Employee List
  • View Applicant Tracking Module
  • View Company Reports

 While these are the standard system role rights, as mentioned earlier, administrators (the highest security level) are able to remove or add role rights to make more customized roles, such as for management. Simply navigate to the Security Menu and then click on Security Roles to add modified roles.
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