If work constantly requires you to be on the go, using the Fingercheck mobile app is an easy way to clock in wherever you are. GPS tracking makes sure your punch locations are always accounted for, and you can even submit punch details like job, task, and department. It's a win-win for both you and your supervisor! If you've never clocked in before, here are simple instructions on how to use the mobile app to clock in:

  • Ask your supervisor or employer for your login credentials, as you'll need to enter your user name, password, and company code to log on. Toggle "Remember Me" to save your user information. Then tap on the "Log in" button that applies to you.

  • Once you're logged in, tap the punch bar at the bottom as a shortcut to the Punch Screen, or, tap on the left icon to expand the side menu, where you can then tap "Punch."
  • Now you're at the Punch Screen. Tap "In" to punch in, "Out" to punch out, or "Transfer" to transfer a punch to a different job if you're already logged in. Once you do that, your punch location will be displayed with the punch date and time. If your employer requires you to select specific information like job and department, you'll see that here. Once you've filled in your information, Press the Check Button in the Top Right!.
  • If your supervisor has enabled the "Photo capture" feature, the camera will activate on your phone and you will be prompted to take a photograph. You can retake a photo as many times as you want, then tap "Use Photo" when you're ready. Now you will receive confirmation of your successful punch.

 If ever you find yourself in need of technical assistance, you can contact our support team at 1-800-610-9501 or use our in-app messaging feature by logging into our secure site and initiating a conversation.
 To learn more about our cost effective and user-friendly cloud-based time and attendance software, check out our website at Fingercheck.com. Interested in our services? Sign up for a 30-day free trial and get started with Fingercheck today.

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