Daylight Savings Time Calculation Adjustment

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2015 02:28PM EDT
Daylight Savings Time creates a common, yet complex time tracking issue for businesses. Often employers have to adjust their time clocks manually to account for the change in time. With FingerCheck, our time clocks automatically adjust when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends.

That being said, you may have worked out that having the time automatically adjust might result in your employees' hours being recorded incorrectly. Employees working during the shift might be paid an additional hour they didn't work, or at the end of Daylight Savings Time, might lose an hour they did work. To resolve this issue, FingerCheck has integrated an automatic adjustment feature that deducts an hour when Daylight Savings Time starts and adds an hour when it ends.
FingerCheck calculates the hours based off of the time zone selected on each employee’s master profile. Setup takes just a few quick manual steps, and once the feature is activated, you’ll never have to configure it again. Here’s how to do so:
  • Go to your Master Profile.
  • Select a time zone within the master profile(s) you’ve assigned to your employees. If you have offices in multiple locations make sure that the master profiles that are assigned to them are synced to the correct time zone. For instance, for employees located in California you would select Pacific Time, and for employees located in New York you would select Eastern Time. When you’re done make sure to click “Save.”
If Daylight Savings Time has already passed and you didn’t input your employees’ time zone within their master profile, you can set the time zone now and go into the "Time Card" tab and recalculate the hours. Otherwise, you can rest assured knowing that your employees' worked hours will be automatically adjusted.

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