How to Set up Division Earning Codes

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2015 10:25AM EDT
  • Log onto your FingerCheck account and go to the “Setup” tab. From the drop down menu on the top left of the page, select “Payroll Menu.”

  • From "Payroll Menu," select "Earning Codes" and then click on the yellow "Add" button to create a new earning code. "Holiday," "Overtime," "Regular," "Sick," and "Vacation" are default codes that come standard when your company is created.

  • ​Fill out the Code (Title), Short Description, and Description of the new earning code you are creating. Note: When exporting your time sheets, by default the short description of the earning code will be exported. Please make sure to name that earning code as it needs to be displayed in your payroll export.

  • If you are keeping track of your rates within FingerCheck, fill out the additional fields accordingly. (If not, you can simply fill in the three required codes and click on "Save.")Each field has a short explanation next to it within the Earning Codes information box. Here is a more detailed breakdown of all the fields:
  • Calculation Rule – This asks you to specify the way your employees' rates will be calculated for this earning code.
    • HoursxRatexFactor To multiple the hours worked by rate select this option.
    • FlatAmount If your employees will be making a flat amount for this earning, select this option. (You will have the opportunity to enter what their flat rate is later on.)
    • CustomCalcExpression If you have a customized calculation that you would like to use to calculate their rate for this division earning, select this option. 
  • Rate Factor – If you are calculating their rate by multiplying their hours worked, enter the multiple of the regular rate to use to calculate this earning. For instance, in this scenario we are creating a Double Time earning code, so we would enter 2 to double their regular rate. In another instance, say for overtime, our employees might be making 1.5x their regular rate, so we would enter 1.5.
  • Rate – If you would like to use a special rate, enter it here.
  • Rate Code – Select Base Rate.
  • Rate Rule The Rate Rule asks for more detail on how to calculate the rate for this earning.
    • Special  Select this option if you are using a special rate (as specified above).
    • Entered  Select this option if you are using a fixed, specific flat amount.
    • Rate Code  Select this option if you are using a rate code with a rate already assigned to it. 
    • Rate Code Plus Special  Select this option if you are using a rate code and would like to pay a special amount on top of that. ​
    • Entered Plus Special  Select this option if you are using a fixed, specific amount and would like to pay a special amount on top of that. 
    • Rate Source Plus Special  Select this option if you are using a base rate that is assigned by job not by individual employee. 
  • Amount – If you selected flat amount as your calculation rule, enter the amount to use here.
  • Display Sequence This refers to the order you want your division earning codes to be displayed by on payroll reports. For instance, "Regular" is typically displayed first (2) so it would make sense to make "Double Time" second (2).

Make sure to click "Save," to finalize the creation of your new earning code. You should see your new earning displayed alongside your existing earning codes.

Now you are done!

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