Affordable Care Act Reports

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2015 10:28AM EDT
FingerCheck's range of reports has been expanded to include six new Affordable Care Act reports designed to allow employers assess the size of their full-time workforce under the ACA Employer Mandate, and review their full-time and part-time employees's worked hours and scheduled hours month-by-month across custom lookback periods. Each report reflects different data, pulling information to offer analytics across a scope of relevant ACA topics so employers can review and adjust their strategy regarding their compliance with the provisions of the ACA. 

Here is a description of each report, along with a sample report shown below each category:

ACADetail1 - ACA Status By EmployeeACADetail2 - ACA Monthly Crosstab By Employee

FingerCheck’s ACA Status by Employee Report (with a Monthly Crosstab option) is a detailed report that breaks down the status of each of your employees, displaying each worker's hire date, pay type, total hours worked, an average monthly hours, average weekly hours, employee type, and a determination of their final Look-Back ACA Status, which classifies employees as full-time or part-time based on the hours they've worked. Under the ACA, employees that work an average of 30 hours per week or 130 hours of service per calendar month as full-time. Employers must track their full-time employees over a period between 3-12 months, called a Look Back Period. At the end of the period, employers average the number of full-time employees across those months to come up with a final number (which is one component of the final FTE count that determined whether they are considered an ALE).

ACASche1 - ACA Forecast By Employee

FingerCheck's ACA Forecast By Employee forecasts what each of your employees' status will be at the end of the month (either part-time or full-time), by assessing the hours they are scheduled to work. This report displays each employee's hire data, pay type, monthly scheduled hours, average weekly scheduled hours, employee type, and Look-Back ACA Status. This is the determination of each employee's status for the month based on their scheduled hours. Running this report before the start of each month indicate which part-time employees are scheduled to work above their hour thresholds, which will ultimately change their classification from part-time to full-time. This is a good indicator of whose schedules need to be shortened.    

ACASum1 - ACA Large Employer SummaryACASum2 - ACA Large Employers CrossTab

FingerCheck's ACA Large Employer Summary (with a Crosstab option)
 is a report that determines whether your company is considered an Applicable Large Employer under the Affordable Care Act. It displays your monthly full-time count, your total part time hours each month, your full-time equivalent employee hours each month, and your FT and FTE count combined each month. Using this data, FingerCheck comes up with your average monthly FTE which needs to be below 50 in order to avoid being classified as an ALE. The final verdict tells you whether you are an Applicable Large Employer. 

Stmt - Statement 

Using our reports, employers can calculate their total FTE count each month, their averaged FTE count for their lookback period, whether they are an Applicable Large Employer, and which of their part-time employees are actually considered full-time based on their hours. Employers can then make informed decisions, like adjusting an employee's hours for the future, in order to comply with the ACA employer mandate, and score under an ALE.
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