How to Request Time Off

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2016 02:35PM EST
Employees with self-service access have a variety of tools at their disposal, one of them being the ability to use FingerCheck to create absent requests. These employees can easily ask for absence to be approved through FingerCheck and have their employer approve, decline, or edit the request. Regardless of whether employees accrue PTO or work without it, all employees with self-service can request absence approval using FingerCheck at all times. Here are the steps to creating an absence request online and using the mobile app: 
Online Employee Absence Request
  • ​Log onto your FingerCheck account and go to your "Dashboard." Click on "Create Absence Request" to request an absence.
Now the Employee Absence window will pop up. The fields we have highlighted are required of you to fill out. We will go through all the applicable fields in the window.
  • By "Date," select the date(s) you would like to take off. You can choose just one day or multiple days by plugging in a range of dates.
  • If you'd like to come into work on specific days between the date range you have selected, tick off the applicable dates by "Excluded Days."
  • For "Hours" you can either opt to enter the time frame of the hours you'd like to have off or you can enter the amount of hours you'd like to take off for each day. (In this example both are filled out just to illustrate each field.)
    Note: Enter the daily hours, do not multiply them by the number of days you would like off. For example, if you want a total of 40 hours off, just enter 8. This will count for each individual day.
  • Finally, by "Absence Policy" select the absence policy you want to draw your hours from. If you have an accrual policy attached to this absence, the available balance of PTO will be displayed underneath. Then click on "Save."
Mobile Absence Request
  • Log onto the FingerCheck mobile app and click on the menu icon on the top left of the home screen.
  • Tap "Time Off" from the sidebar menu (Note: the "Requests" tab is for general requests only).
  • Now you can see the number of available PTO hours you have and your existing requests. Tap on the "+" button to create an absence request. 
  • Now you can fill out your absence request information by selecting the appropriate absence policy and the details of the date(s) you would like to take off, the time frame, number of hours, and an optional note. 
  • Now you are done! If you tap "Requests" you will see your request pending.
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